What's New in SolarWinds N-central 2020.1

Remote Control on Essentials Nodes

When it comes to Remote Control on Essentials nodes, we’ve made a change to how N-central works, if you originally purchased SolarWinds N-central before July of 2017.

  • If you fall in this category, you would have received an e-mail from us late in 2019, explaining that we'd be updating the features supported by an Essentials license. 12.3 HF1 is the release of SolarWinds N-central that implements that change. More specifically, your ability to control your Essentials nodes remotely requires the “Remote Control on Essentials” license. Deploying this new license is easy – you can do it per-device, by bulk-editing devices, or via Rules. There’ll be an in-product page that will appear when you first login – it’ll contain more details on how to deploy these licenses.
  • If you don’t fall into this category (i.e. you purchased SolarWinds N-central after July of 2017), you do not currently have the ability to remotely control Essentials nodes, and that does not change with HF1.

Integration of SolarWinds EDR

The EDR Status service has been significantly overhauled, and now includes several new metrics:

  • The Infected Status metric will alert our Partners if a device has been infected by a malicious piece of software, and SW EDR needs the Partner to take action.
  • The Dynamic Engines metric monitors if all the SW EDR engines are fully enabled and running.
  • The EDR Kernel Driver metric monitors if the EDR Kernel Driver is loaded. This metric could report a Failed state if the device hasn’t been rebooted after the initial SW EDR install, or if something unexpected (like an application crash or other stability-related issue) has occurred.
  • The Is EDR Installed and Status of the EDR Windows Service metrics monitor. . .well I think you know what they monitor. =)
  • The Tamper Protection Status and Tamper Protection Status Value metrics have been combined into one metric.
  • The Monitor App Build ID, Migration Policy Name, and EDR Monitoring Output Details metrics have been deprecated.