Updated: May 8, 2020

Add a Endpoint Detection profile

Create profiles for customers with EDR activation to deploy the agents. An EDR profile is a standard configuration used on all devices. When you install EDR, the configuration within the profile is the baseline settings across a customer's site. This saves time and ensures consistency when deploying to many devices.

Before you can create EDR profiles, you need to activate the software in SolarWinds N-central.

  1. Click IntegrationsEDRProfiles.
  2. Click Add Profile.
  3. Enter a profile name and description and click Next.
  4. Complete the options by clicking the categories along the top of the screen. The profile is saved and updated automatically.

For information on the setting options, see the EDR Online Help.

The new profile appears in the profiles list. Use this or other profile when installing on a single device or install using a rule.