Activate Endpoint Detection and Response

To use EDR with monitored devices you need to activate the software in SolarWinds N-central. You can activate EDR for specific Service Organizations, Customers, and Sites.

To activate EDR the SolarWinds N-central server needs outbound HTTPS access to port 443 and the following domains:

  • *

This activity is only available at the System level. Once activated, you can customize which customer and site have access to EDR features.

  1. Click IntegrationsIntegration Management.
  2. For the Endpoint Detection & Response row, click Activate.

Once activated, you can create a profile that you use when installing on a single device or install using a rule.

You can perform further configuration and maintenance by clicking IntegrationsEDR and selecting:

  • Dashboard to see status of devices and an overview of threats and detections.
  • Analyze to provide monitoring and reporting the forensic details of EDR events.
  • Profiles to add and modify EDR profiles.