N-central Help

Monitor the processes on a device with SolarWinds N-central

Monitor processes and applications using the SolarWinds N-central service, Process Service. When you enable monitoring, a new instance of the Process service is created with the name of the process or application appended to the name of the service instance.

For example, enabling monitoring of the application called Notepad creates a new instance of the Process service with the name "Process Service - Notepad".

This feature is only available for managed Windows devices with SolarWinds N-central agents installed.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Views > All Devices and click the Network Devices tab.
  2. Click Tools > Processes.
  3. In the Monitored column, move the slide to On or Off to enable or disable monitoring.
  4. To monitor multiple processes, click the check box of the processes and click Monitor with SolarWinds N-central.
  5. Click Turn On.
  6. Disabling monitoring removes all instances of the Process service from the target device.

  7. Click Save.

SolarWinds N-central begins monitoring the selected process.