New: June, 2020

Generate a registration token

To increase security when installing SolarWinds N-central agents, a registration token is required. This ensures that the individual(s) installing the agent are the ones who should be performing this task, and not an outside source or hacker.

When you generated a registration token, it is included in the agent install package when you download the customer-centric agent for the customer. If you are sending the customer a URL of the agent installer, you need to send the token to the user to complete the installation screens.

  1. Click Actions Download Agent/Probe and click Get Registration Token.
  2. Click Copy Token to copy the token to the clipboard. Paste into an email to send to the user for input during agent installation from a URL download.
  3. A generated token is automatically packaged with the agent installer when downloading a customer-centric installer.

  4. Click Get New to generate more tokens.
  5. Clicking Get New does not revoke a previous token; it adds additional tokens to the generated list. This is useful if you want to use different tokens for different customer locations.