N-central Help

Troubleshooting agent and probe install issues

If the installation of a agent or probe software is not successful, review these areas where the install may be having issues.

Activation information issues

The installation of Agents or Probes may fail if you provide incorrect activation information for the customer name, customer ID or activation key. If the installation has failed, verify that the information has been entered correctly with no errors.

Click AdministrationCustomers and verify the name and customer ID are correct.

License limit issues

When the license limit for the number of Windows Agents or Probes permitted on the server has been reached, no additional Agents or Probes can be installed. To revise you license limit, contact your applicable Service Organization or SolarWinds MSP sales representative.

Service privilege issues

Installation of a probe may fail due to "Logon as Service" privileges not being available. To resolve this issue, grant "Logon as Service" privileges manually or use a different account to install the probe. Also consider the following:

  • Verify the account you are using has the appropriate administrative rights.
  • If available, right-click on the name of the .MSI file and select Run As... to start the installer as the domain administrator.
  • Consult with your network administrator to see if there is a Group Policy that might restrict the installation.

Server communication issues

Installing Agents or Probes may fail if the installer can not communicate with the central server.

If the Agent or Probe is configured to use the SolarWinds N-central server's FQDN, use a PING command to verify that the server's address can be resolved properly.

If the target device can resolve the SolarWinds N-central server's FQDN, verify that you can navigate to the SolarWinds N-central server in a browser and sign in. Test access to both HTTP on port 80 and HTTPS on port 443.

If you can navigate to the SolarWinds N-central server in a browser and sign in, but the agent or probe installer still cannot access the SolarWinds N-central server, there may be problems with the proxy or with proxy settings. Review your browser's proxy settings to confirm that the information is correct

WMI connectivity issues

Issues with communicating with the domain controller using WMI during the installation of a probe depends on the configuration of your environment.

The most common problem is that the Windows probe is not able to discover devices because the user name or password provided during the installation are not for a Domain Administrator account. Confirm that the credentials you provided are for a Domain Administrator account.