N-central Help

Configure probe cache for monitoring data

The probe cache is used by the probe for storing installers for various SolarWinds N-central features, including new versions of the agent, the metadata files used by the agents and the device's monitoring data. Should the connection to the SolarWinds N-central server become disconnected, data will still be available for reporting purposes.

You can configure the probe cache to store data for a specified length of time, and what to do with the stored data when the cache has reached its capacity.

  1. Click AdministrationProbes.
  2. Click the Caching tab.
  3. Select the Drop Policy to use.
  4. The drop policy determines if SolarWinds N-central discards the oldest or newest data. If the drop policy is configured for the oldest data, then the oldest record is discarded as each new record is cached. If the drop policy configured for the newest data, then any new data is immediately discarded.

  5. Configure the Data Window.
  6. This is the span of time that the data is cached for. The minimum is 15 minutes, the maximum is three days.

  7. Configure how much space is reserved on the hard drive for the probe cache.
  8. Click Save.

If the cached data exceeds the specified length of time or the available disk space, the data is discarded based on the drop policy.