N-central Help

Accepting a mobile device invitation from an iOS device

iOS mobile device users must accept an invitation to be managed by SolarWinds N-central. When an invitation to manage an iOS mobile device is sent by SolarWinds N-central, users receive an invitation message from the SolarWinds N-central server that contains text similar to: "You have been invited to add your mobile devices to the <xxx> network. Please click on the link to accept the invitation."

Send the steps below to your iOS mobile device user to connect the device to SolarWinds N-central.

The MDM Agent is not required for SolarWinds N-central to manage an iOS device that is not using location-tracking, nor sending messages. If neither of those functions is needed, installing the MDM Agent can be skipped and you can proceed to Step 5 below, installing the MDM Profile.

  1. Click the hyperlink provided in the invitation message.
  2. In the browser window, click the Step 1: Download and install the iOS Agent link.
  3. In the Apple App Store, click SolarWinds N-central MDM Agent.
  4. Click Get.

    After the MDM Agent has been installed, the software automatically attempts to install an MDM Profile. If you do not want to install an MDM Agent on the device, you can click Step 2: Register your device.

  5. In the Unsigned Profile dialog box click Install Now.
  6. Due to an issue with how iOS manages certificates for signing profiles, a warning message may appear indicating that the MDM Profile is not signed even if the SolarWinds N-central server has a valid SSL certificate and APNS certificates.

  7. In the Device Enrollment screen, click Install.
  8. When prompted to allow the MDM Agent to use location services to identify where your mobile device is, click Allow.

Your iOS device can now be managed by SolarWinds N-central.