N-central Help

Configure backup login and communication defaults

Arcserve Backup can monitor and report on its backup status and third party backup solutions. To ensure proper communication, configure SolarWinds N-central to be able to access the software and backup databases. By setting the defaults, the installation and connection of Backup Manager can occur without any issues or intervention and reduces the need to manually edit these settings on an individual device basis.

These credentials must be local or domain administrator credentials. You can adjust the credentials on the Properties tab of individual devices.

  1. Click Administration > Defaults > Backup and SNMP Defaults.
  2. Click the Backup Defaults tab and complete the necessary fields.
  3. The credentials entered are used during the installation of Backup Manager and must be local or domain administrator credentials.

  4. Click Propagate to ensure that SolarWinds N-central applied the default properties to new devices when added.
  5. Click Save.