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List Available Mac OS X Updates

Quick Description This automation policy obtains the list of currently available updates that could be installed on Mac OS X devices.
Applies To N-central 9.5.x
Last Revised April 10, 2014


As part of running an assessment or diagnostics on a Mac OS X device, understanding the software updates that are available can be important information. This automation policy produces a list of currently available updates for Mac OS X devices. By using the softwareupdate command with the –list argument, all available updates will be listed. Any listed updates prefixed with an asterisk (*) character are denoted as recommended updates.

This automation policy requires admin authentication to successfully install software updates. For more information on the Mac OS X commands used in this automation policy, see https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/darwin/reference/manpages/man8/softwareupdate.8.html

When configuring the running of this automation policy in SolarWinds N-central, the best practice is to take advantage of Asset Variables for Network Address, Device UserName, and Device Password.

Input Parameters

MAC IP Address: <String Value> - or use the Network Address Asset Variable

MAC User Name: <String Value> - admin

MAC Password: <Password Value> - Password!@# or use the Device Credentials Password Asset Variable

Automation Policy


A list of all available updates for Mac OS X devices are displayed.