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Install Recommended Mac OS X Update

Quick Description This automation policy installs only recommended updates on targeted Mac OS X devices.
Applies To N-central 9.5.x
Last Revised April 10, 2014


Ensuring Mac OS X device are up-to-date often represents a manual and time-consuming task. By connecting to the Mac OS X device through SSH, this automation policy installs only recommended available updates on targeted Mac OS X devices. By using the softwareupdate command with the –install and –r arguments, all recommended updates will be installed. All updates that are recommended for the Mac OSX device are prefixed with an asterisk (*) character in the output of the List Available Updates automation policy.

This Automation Policy requires admin authentication to successfully install software updates. For more information on the Mac OS X commands used in this Automation Policy, see https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/darwin/reference/manpages/man8/softwareupdate.8.html.

When configuring the running of this automation policy in SolarWinds N-central, the best practice is to take advantage of Asset Variables for Network Address, Device UserName, and Device Password.

Input Parameters

MAC IP Address: <String Value> - or use the Network Address Asset Variable

MAC User Name: <String Value> - admin

MAC Password: <Password Value> - Password!@# or use the Device Credentials Password Asset Variable

Automation Policy


All recommended available Mac OS X updates are installed on the device.