N-central Help

Add a Service Organization

Add a new Service Organization (SO) to add customers, sites and devices to.

  1. Click Administration > Service Organizations.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click the Details tab and enter the location information for the organization.
  4. Click the Contact Information tab and enter the information for the prime contact for the Service Organization.
  5. Click the Limits tab and click the pencil icon to configure the licensing restrictions for all customers or sites within the Service Organization.
  6. The limits indicate the number of managed devices that can have specific SolarWinds N-central features installed. The Maximum column indicates the current system limits for each feature.

    To purchase licenses for features, contact your Channel Sales Specialist. You can find their contact information in the Solarwinds MSP Resource Center under My Account or email n-able-salesgroup@solarwinds.com.

  7. Click the Localization tab and set the options common for the territory where the SO will be used.
  8. Accounts within a Service Organization (for example, an Default Administrator account) can over-ride these settings by configuring their own preferred paper size and number formatting by editing their Customer/Site Profile.

  9. Click Propagate to apply the default localization properties to any existing Customers or Sites within the Service Organization.
  10. Click the Options tab and set the default setting for automatically disconnecting agent-monitored laptop and workstation computers if they shut down or if they do not communicate with the SolarWinds N-central server within a specified time frame.
  11. Click the Custom Properties tab to see the default custom properties configured, and change them if needed.
  12. Click Save.

The new SO appears in the Service Organizations list. You can add customers and install probes and agents.