N-central Help

Example of Custom PSA API Calls and Communications for an UPDATE action ticket

On this page you will find some examples of the UPDATE API REST requests and responses between SolarWinds N-central and your PSA application.

Request example


"action": "UPDATE",
"title": "Alert: CPU on DESKTOP-H9NDP81 is Failed",
"details": "Test Ticket Test Note\n\nDate: W....",
"ncentralTicketId": "63729690",
"psaTicketNumber": "12a54604dbdd270079b2a9a5ca9619ab",
"customTags": {
"urgency": "High",
"impact": "High",
"subcategory": "CPU",
"category": "Hardware" }


Response example


"externalTicketId": "12a54604dbdd270079b2a9a5ca9619ab",
"ticketUrl": "https://ven02310.yourPSAapplication.com/incident.do?sys_id=12a54604....9619ab" }