N-central Help

ConnectWise Manage PSA Integration checklist

To streamline the process and get you up and running, follow the steps in the order below.

Check each step as you work through the process
Step 1 – Review the prerequisites.
Step 2 – Download the ConnectWise Manage client.
Step 3 – Obtain the ConnectWise Manage API keys.

Step 4 – Configure SolarWinds N-central:


Step 4-1 – Configure SolarWinds N-central to Communicate with ConnectWise Manage.


Step 4-2 – Map SolarWinds N-central Customers/Sites to ConnectWise Manage Customers/Sites.


Step 4-3 – Map SolarWinds N-central devices.


Step 4-4 – Set up a Device Export Profile.


Step 4-5 – Set up a Ticketing Recipient.


Step 4-6 – Configure notifications to update a ticket status.

Step 5 – Set up a Billing Profile.

Step 6 – Run a Billing Profile on Demand.