N-central Help

Autotask PSA integration checklist

Deploying an Autotask PSA integration with SolarWinds N-central requires a number of configuration steps. By completing each step listed below, you can incorporate a successful Autotask ticketing integration to service your customers.

Check each step as you work through the process
Step 1 – Review the prerequisites.
Step 2 – Required user defined fields in Autotask.
Step 3 – Configure SolarWinds N-central Integration with Autotask.

Step 4 – Map a SolarWinds N-central customer to an Autotask account.

Step 5 – Map device classes to Autotask products.
Step 6 – Set up export device profiles.
Step 7 – Add Autotask Ticketing Recipients.
Step 8 – Set up Autotask Billing Profiles.
Step 9 – Set up SolarWinds N-central Notifications to update ticket status.