N-central Help

Autotask and SolarWinds N-central field mapping

The table below shows the PSA fields that are mapped with SolarWinds N-central for PSA integration and correspond with Autotask. For more information on required mappings, see Required user defined fields in Autotask.

Field Name Autotask
IPAddress User Defined Field (SolarWinds N-central Device URI)
CompanyName AccountID
DeviceClass ProductID
DeviceStatus Active
DeviceName ReferenceTitle
ModelNumber ReferenceNumber
SerialNumber SerialNumber
DeviceID User Defined Field (SolarWinds N-central Device ID)
OSType Notes
OSInfo Notes
Location Location
Createdon InstallDate
AssetTag User Defined Field (SolarWinds N-central Device Asset Tag)
WarrantyExpiration WarrantyExpirationDate