N-central Help

Required user defined fields in Autotask

Before integrating Autotask with SolarWinds N-central you need to add and configure user defined fields in Autotask.

To ensure errors do not occur with already configured user defined fields, configure Protected Data Permissions in Autotask for the user account used with PSA integration.

Configure the following user defined fields in Autotask:

  • N-central Device ID
  • N-central Device URI
  • N-Central Device Asset Tag

When adding these fields, ensure that their Field Type value is set to Text (Single Line).

Ensure the PSA user configured on SolarWinds N-central has permissions for the User Defined Fields. To verify, click Admin > Features & Settings > Resources/Users (HR) Security > Protected Data Permission.

For details on adding and configuring user-defined fields in Autotask, see the documentation included with your Autotask software. For other field mappings, see Autotask and SolarWinds N-central field mapping.