N-central Help

Edit a custom property

Update the value of a custom property and propagate the change to existing devices within the specified class, OS, or to any new devices.

Modifying details of a custom device property will only be applied to those devices to which the custom device property is associated.

  1. Click Administration > Custom Properties.
  2. Click the property in the Name column and modify the field content as required.
  3. Modify the property criteria if needed.
  4. Click Save to apply the updates that have made only to new devices.
  5. Click Save and Propagate to apply the updates that you have made to all of the existing devices to which the custom device property is applied as well as any new devices.

The custom property is immediately updated for all defined devices.

You can also edit a custom device text, date and URL property for an single device, for multiple devices or a single SO, Customer or Site. You can only edit the drop-down choice list in the Custom Property configuration page.