N-central Help

Generate a key and certificate

SolarWinds N-central allows you to generate a server key, self-signed certificate, and a certificate signing request (.csr) file. The .csr file is only necessary if you are sending the certificate to a signing authority.

If you send the certificate signing request to a signing authority after you have generated a key, do not generate a new key. Otherwise, the existing key is invalidated and the signed certificate cannot be uploaded.

  1. Click AdministrationCertificate Management > Generate and Download Certificate.
  2. Type your Company name.
  3. If applicable, type your Division or Business Unit.
  4. Type the Server Address of the SolarWinds N-central server in the form of either an IP address or FQDN.
  5. Type the Email Address of the certificate administrator.
  6. In the City, State/Prov, and Country fields, type the mailing address of your company.
  7. Be sure to fill out all mandatory fields. If you are entering a state or province, do not use abbreviations as some SSL certificate vendor tools do not support state or province abbreviations.

  8. Click Generate.
  9. After approximately 15 seconds, click OK.
  10. After a new server key, self-signed certificate, and certificate signing request file are generated and the SolarWinds N-central UI sign-in screen appears, proceed to the Download Certificate Signing Request step.