N-central Help

Launch and log in SolarWinds N-central

Launch SolarWinds N-central using any supported Web browser on any device that can access the SolarWinds N-central Server.

  1. Enter the URL in the address field of your browser.
  2. Enter your Login Name as your email address and Password. The default login is productadmin@n-able.com and the password is password.
  3. The Login Name must be a valid email address. SolarWinds N-central will prompt you to change the Login Name to an email address other than the default (productadmin@n-able.com). It's important to change the Login Name so that you can receive e-mail notifications when an upgrade to SolarWinds N-central is available, and so that you can reset your password should you forget it.

    If you are using Two-Factor Authentication, type your Passcode and click Login. Your Passcode consists of your security PIN (provided by AuthAnvil for Google) and your one-time password generated by your security solution. The PIN and one-time password should be typed as a single character string without spaces.

  4. Click Login.

The SolarWinds N-central screen appears. Depending on what your position is, you may see a devices listing, or the request to create a customer site or add devices.