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Work with quarantined files

Files that AV Defender deem to be potentially infected are put into quarantine. This means they are intercepted and stored in a safe location until you can examine them to determine if they are safe to enter the network.

You can delete or restore messages or files that have been isolated due to the detection of malware.

  1. Click Configuration > Security Manager > Quarantine Management.
  2. To filter the list of quarantined files, click Show Filter on the right-hand side of the window.
  3. Select the check box next to the file that you want to manage.
    • Click Delete to permanently remove the quarantined file from the system.
    • Click Restore to return the quarantined file to the original location without modification. If a file with the same filename currently exists in the original location, it will be overwritten.

    Duplicate listings for quarantined items display in the AV Exchange E-mail Protection tab if monitoring for security issues is performed both when messages are received by the Exchange server and delivered by the Exchange server. For example, if a user sends an e-mail message to another user in the same network with an attachment that contains a virus, this may be quarantined both when the originator sends the message and when the recipient receives the message. As a result, the same infected file may be listed twice.