Add on-the-fly filtering to your widgets

Add filters to your workspace widgets to filter data on-the-fly and in real time. Create ticket filters and view an up to date count of tickets as they are sent by your customers.

This example shows how to create ticket filter widgets and link them to a ticket list widget to monitor tickets coming into your company in real time:

Add a filter widget to your workspace and configure the filter settings

  1. Create a Workspace Page and add widgets to it.
  2. Add a filter widget to your workspace page, click the Widget Settings menu in the top right corner of the widget and select to open the configuration window.
  3. Select the Filter Settings option from the configuration window and choose the options according to what the filter should display (e.g. tickets for a specific customer, or all tickets with an In Progress status).
  4. After configuring and applying context to the filter to display the data you want to see in the widget, click to save the widget's filter settings.

After configuring and applying additional context to the filter, the new filter widget displays a green dot over the filter icon . Hover your cursor over the filter to see it's additional context.

Resize filter widgets to view data in real time

The new filter widget is displayed as a small window in the workspace page. Edit and resize the widget to display additional filtering options.

  1. To change the location and resize the widgets on your workspace page, click Edit Workspace.
  2. Drag and drop the widget to move it to a new location on the workspace page.
  3. Move your cursor to the side, bottom, or corner of the widget and drag your cursor to re-size the widget as needed. This displays all filter options which you can change as needed to filter data on-the-fly. Click Finish Editing when you are done resizing the widget.

  4. Change the filter options as needed to filter customers' tickets on the fly.

Whether customers email tickets into your ticket mailbox, or technicians create them manually, the filters are updated in real time according to the latest count of tickets in your company.

Add the ticket list widget to your workspace and link it to the ticket filter widgets

To accurately monitor tickets using your workspace, add the Ticket List Widget to your workspace page to help monitor the flow of tickets into your company.

  1. In the top right corner of your workspace page, click Add > Add Widget.
  2. Next to the Ticket List Widget, click to add it to our workspace and close the Add Widget Window.
  3. Adjust the size and location of the Ticket List Widget in your workspace page and click Finish Editing to save the workspace page.
  4. In the top right corner of the widget, click the button and select.
  5. Click the Linkage button to activate linkage for that widget and select the available widgets to link. In this example, the New, Assigned and In Progress Ticket Filters are linked to the Ticket List widget to help monitor the flow of tickets in real time.
  6. Save the Ticket List widget.

The Ticket Filters combined with the Ticket List widget are linked together and configured to monitor the flow of tickets in to your company.