Manage tickets for your customers from the Helpdesk Workspace

Create tickets and track your work using the new Helpdesk Workspace. Use the Ticket List and real-time filters to customize your list to display the specific tickets you need to work on.

Extra filter options, including filtering tickets by Assets, provides a quick and easy way to sort and view tickets by Status types, Created Date, Priority, Ticket Type/Issue Type and tickets with Unread Responses.

Learn about the Helpdesk

The same functionality of the old Helpdesk system is improved with new filtering options like Assets, Status types, Created Date, Priority, Ticket Type, Issue Type and Unread Responses. All of which provide an even more efficient way to create, monitor and work on tickets for your customers.

  1. From the links in the left navigation menu, select Workspaces > System > Helpdesk.
  2. Select any of the filters to the left of the Ticket List to populate the main list with Unassigned Tickets, Open Tickets, etc. You can also hover your cursor over a filter icon to see which specific filters are applied.
  3. From the Ticket Filter , click any item in the list to expand its options. Select a specific Customer, Asset or Ticket Status, for instance, and the main Ticket List is updated instantly.
  4. Use the Commands Menu in the top right of the Ticket List to access bulk ticket options like archiving tickets or merging multiple tickets for the same issue. You can also easily mark all responses in the selected tickets as read.
  5. At any time, you can click the plus icon in the top right corner of the Ticket List to create a new ticket.

Learn more about opening and managing tickets from the Helpdesk.