Configure your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) in order to receive notifications


Why am I not receiving notifications in my MSP Manager account?


You need to set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for your MSP Manager account.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a simple email-validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain comes from a host authorized by that domain's administrators.

The list of authorized sending hosts for a domain is published in the Domain Name System (DNS) records for that domain in the form of a specially formatted TXT record. Email spam and phishing often use forged "from" addresses, so publishing and checking SPF records can be considered anti-spam techniques.

When sending emails from MSP Manager (not through an external server), please make sure to add the following entry to your SPF record:

The TXT record for would change from: v=spf1 -all to v=spf1 -all