MSP Manager

Schedule your workday with appointments

Use the scheduling feature to add an appointment to your calendar as a reminder to look into an issue. Appointments typically represent an on-site visit, remote desktop troubleshooting session, or a follow-up phone call.

  1. Navigate to Scheduling and select Add an Appointment
  2. Enter the appointment information, and search for and select tickets to associate with the appointment.
  3. Select Add an Appointment.

MSP Manager automatically sends an iCalendar meeting invitation to the consultant's email. Compatible software includes Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and any other calendar application that supports the iCalendar file format.

Changes made to the appointment in the calendar application are not synced back to MSP Manager. All updates to appointments should be made in MSP Manager.

Update an appointment time

Drag the appointment to the new start and end time. Whenever updates are made to an appointment, an iCalendar meeting update is automatically sent to the consultant's email.

Associate a new ticket with an existing appointment

  1. Double-click an appointment.
  2. Locate the new ticket.
  3. Select the new ticket, and click Save.