MSP Manager

Create and assign service level agreements

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between the service provider and the customer that defines the level of service expected from the service provider. MSP Manager uses SLAs to sort tickets, send email notifications, and report on met and breached policies. SLAs do not affect ticket assignment or billing. They are defined globally and assigned to service items.

Create an SLA policy to specify the amount of time expected to create tickets and resolve issues for your customers. Three levels of alerts trigger notifications to remind technicians when a ticket is approaching a breach in SLA. Use your company business hours or specify custom hours to put an SLA policy on hold when business is closed.

Add a new service level agreement (SLA) policy

  1. Navigate to Settings > Company Settings > SLA Policies.
  2. Select Add SLA Policy amd enter a policy name and description.
  3. In the Alert Thresholds area, expand an alert level and define the following:
    • The percentage to breach when the alert is triggered.
    • The percentage reaches 200 to accommodate a breach of up to twice the length of the SLA policy.

    • The color displayed on the associated tickets.
    • The users to receive email notifications.
  4. In the Policy Settings area, click the Default Setting and enter a time in hours for each ticket status.

    Repeat this step for each priority section that requires adjustments.

  5. Click Save.

Specify hours to put service level agreements on hold

During non-business hours, SLA timers stop running while your company is closed and continue when business hours resume.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Company Settings > SLA Policies.
  2. Select to edit an SLA Policy, and click each Policy Setting to expand it's additional options.
  3. Select Only use business hours when calculating SLA.
  4. Select each day in the list and choose an Open at and Close at time.
  5. Select Use default company business hours to use the hours specified in your default account settings.

  6. Click Save SLA Policy.

To specify your Company Business hours, click Settings > Company Settings > General.

Assign an SLA policy to a service item

  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select Service Items and select next to the service item you want to edit.
  3. Select an SLA Policy from the SLA section of the service item editor.
  4. Select to save the service item.

Tickets that have service items with assigned SLA policies will send notifications based on your alert thresholds.

Sort tickets by service level agreement

  1. Navigate to Helpdesk.
  2. Select the Sort by list and select SLA.

The alert level color displays on the left side of each ticket and the percentage to breach displays on the right side.