MSP Manager

Use ticket routing to automatically assign inbound tickets

To set up ticket routing for your MSP Manager account, you must configure your ticket routing rules so that email or customer portal requests, or SolarWinds N-central alerts will automatically create tickets in MSP Manager.

For ticket routing to work correctly, you must specify a default service item and configure at least 1 option for the Email, Portal, and N-central sections located in Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Routing Rules.

Ticket routing will not automatically create tickets unless MSP Manager knows what customer to assign the ticket to, and this is determined by either setting up an email domain for your customers, or ensuring the sender of the ticket is a contact assigned to a customer, or a customer's location.

Email ticket routing

To route a ticket from email, MSP Manager determines the identity of the customer in one of two ways:

  • If the sender email address matches a customer contact.
  • If the sender email domain matches a customer email domain.

Assign an email domain to your customers

Enter an email domain for each customer in MSP Manager for ticket routing to work correctly.

  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select Actions > Edit Customer.
  3. Enter the customer domain in the Email Domain field and click Save.
  4. Click Save Customer.

Tickets are created from incoming email after assigning an email domain and specifying a default service item.

Specify a default service item

  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select Service Items and click to edit a service item.
  3. Select the Default Service Item check box and click Save.

Complete these steps for all customers in MSP Manager for ticket routing to work for everyone.

Portal ticket routing

Customers with portal access must have a default service item specified for tickets to be created automatically in MSP Manager.

SolarWinds N-central ticket routing

Is service item mapping configured in SolarWinds N-central?

  • If yes, the ticket is routed to the mapped service item. No further action is required.
  • If no, the customer must have a default service item specified in MSP Manager.

Ticket requests from SolarWinds N-central, email, and the customer portal are automatically turned into tickets and routed correctly when a default service item and an email domain are assigned to all customers.