MSP Manager

Integrate your MSP RMM account with MSP Manager

Integrate your MSP Remote Monitoring and Management account with MSP Manager and the two products can work together to automatically create tickets, import your customers and users, and update your assets.

Import customers and users from your MSP RMM account, and apply Program Levels and Service Items to those customers in MSP Manager.

After the integration is complete, your MSP Manager account is populated with usable data like tickets, and customers that have Program Levels and Service Items assigned to them.

  1. From your MSP RMM account, select Settings > PSA Integration > Setup. Select MSP Manager and click Next.

  2. Select Finish to continue to MSP Manager where you can use the Setup Wizard to import all your MSP RMM customers, and assign program levels and service items to them.
  3. Configure your ticketing settings to auto create tickets for servers and work stations. This allows outages for those devices in MSP RMM to automatically create tickets in MSP Manager. Click Next.
  4. MSP Manager creates a Program level based on your selections in the previous step. Modify the recommended Program Level by adding service items to it.
    1. Select Add new Program to create an additional Program Level.
    2. Select Edit Program to modify the existing Program Level.
    3. Select Add New Service Item to add custom service items to the existing Program Level.
    4. Select Next when finished.
  5. The Customers section of the wizard imports your MSP RMM customers. Select a Program Level to add to each customer, and click Next.
  6. If you only created one program level, it is automatically assigned to each customer. Select the correct Program Level for each customer if you created additional programs.

  7. Select a role to apply to your imported MSP RMM users, and click Next.
  8. Any user without a role is imported with an inactive status, and can be activated later. MSP Manager assigns Administrator and Standard roles to these users by default. Add additional roles and permissions from your account settings.

  9. The final page shows a summary of everything added to your account. Select Edit to make changes to each section if needed.
  10. Click Complete to finish the set up wizard.

All customers and users from your RMM account are added to MSP Manager, and the Service Items in your selected Program Levels are assigned to your customers.