MSP Manager

Use the Customer Portal to give ticket access to your customers

Add contacts to your customers' locations and give them access to the customer portal. They can use the portal to submit support requests and check the status of existing tickets. Add your company logo and colors to give it a customized look of your organization.

Enable the customer portal for each contact

  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select Contact Info and expand a location to view it's contacts.
  3. Click Add Contact or select to edit a contact.
  4. Enter the contact's information and under the Customer Portal section, select one or both user roles for the contact:
    • Portal users can view their tickets and create tickets for themselves.
    • Portal admins can view and create tickets for all users within the company.
  5. Select to save and update the contact.

New portal users will receive a welcome email containing information on how to log in to the customer portal. This includes an auto generated password which the portal user can change after their initial log in by selecting their email address in the upper right corner of the portal and clicking Change Password.

Add company branding to the customer portal

  1. Navigate to Settings > Company SettingsPortal.
  2. Add the portal URL prefix, company display name, and company logo.
  3. Set the primary and accent colors.
  4. Select Save Settings.

The MSP Manager customer portal does not support custom domains.

Send an Easy Ticket Request

Your customers can use the Create an Easy Ticket Request button on the Portal Login page to submit a support ticket without logging in to the portal.