MSP Manager

Define your prices with rates

Rates are attached to service items and determine the price of your services. You can attach one or more rates to a service item, which are available when tracking your time in tickets.

Create rates on a per-customer basis, or create templates that can be applied to new customers or multiple customers at once.

Add a new rate

  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select RatesAdd Rate to add a new rate from an existing template, or create a new one.
  3. Enter the associated service item, name, dollar amount, and status.
  4. If you have integrated your accounting software, select the mapped item.
  5. Select Add to save the new rate.

Add a new rate template

  1. Navigate to SettingsBilling & Financial > Rate Templates.
  2. Select Add Rate Template.
  3. Enter a name and dollar amount.
  4. If you have integrated your accounting software, select the correct mapped item.
  5. Click Save Rate Template.

Update and apply rates to in progress tickets

Edit rates when your prices change and the service items associated with those rates are updated. This does not change rates for billed tickets. To apply an updated rate to in progress tickets, edit the rate, change the price, and find the associated tickets to update.

  1. Open the ticket.
  2. Click the time entry.
  3. Click the Rate to apply the updated price to the time entry.

  4. Save the time entry.

The new rate is applied to the time entry. Repeat for each time entry in tickets that require the updated rate.