MSP Manager

Create a ticket and start a timer from the Quick Ticket menu

Create tickets with the Quick Ticket feature, accessible from anywhere in MSP Manager.

Use the Quick Ticket feature to create a ticket and start tracking time with just a few clicks. The Quick Ticket icon, in the top right corner of your screen and is accessible from every page in MSP Manager.

  1. Navigate to the icon in the top navigation bar to open the Quick Ticket menu.
  2. Select a customer, service item and enter the ticket information.
  3. The Service Item field auto populates if the selected customer has a Default Service Item assigned to them.

  4. Select Save & Start Timer to move the new ticket to the Active Timers section and immediately start tracking your time.
  5. Select the Pause button to put the timer on hold, and use the play button when you are ready to continue tracking time.
  6. Select the Stop button to stop the timer and enter a description of work.
  7. Save the time entry.

If the task is already complete but you would like to quickly enter the time it took to resolve the issue:

  1. Open the Quick Ticket menu and enter the ticket information.
  2. Enter the number of hours spent to resolve the issue.
  3. Select Mark as Complete and enter the Completed Date.
  4. Save the ticket.

A time entry is added to the new ticket, which is then marked complete and ready for billing.