MSP Manager

Migrate your Service Desk data to MSP Manager

The Service Desk data migration populates your MSP Manager account with usable data like customers/sites, contacts, users, assets, queues and tickets. Select each import section to view a list of all available data from your Service Desk account. Choose which items to import, or select everything at once.

During the import process, use the Import History section at the bottom of the page to view a running count of all imported data as it moves from Service Desk to MSP Manager.

Track the status and progress of each data type and click to view the log files for any items that fail to import.

Reference this table for terminology differences between Service Desk and MSP Manager:

Service Desk Term MSP Manager Term
Staff Agents Users
Users/Contacts Contacts
Sites Locations
Asset Type Asset Class
Manage Attributes Configure Asset Mapping
Email Retrieval Ticket Mailboxes
Site Visit Appointment
  1. Click Settings > Integrations and click MSP Service Desk > Configure > Add Service Desk Credentials.
  2. Enter the Admin credentials and URL for your Service Desk portal, and click Save Credentials to connect to Service Desk.
  3. A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the page. If you are unsure, use the Test Connection button ( )to confirm that the connection was successful.

  1. Import Users to view a list of Staff Agents from Service Desk. Select which Staff Agents to import as MSP Manager Users, and click Import Users.
  2. All imported Users are sent an activation email with instructions on how to log in to MSP Manager.

  1. Select Import Customers/Sites, choose the Service Desk Customers/Sites to import, and click Import Customer/Sites.
  2. Navigate to Import Contacts, select the Service Desk Users/Contacts to bring into MSP Manager and click Import Contacts.
  3. All Service Desk Users/Contacts are sent an email with instructions on how to log in to the MSP Manager Customer Portal.

  1. Select Import Task Templates, choose the Service Desk templates to import and click Import Task Templates.
  2. Click Import Assets, select the Assets from Service Desk to bring into MSP Manager and click Import Assets.
  3. Select Configure Asset Mapping to import Asset Classes and Custom Fields from Service Desk.
  4. The device name and custom fields of the asset are imported first, and the rest of the asset details are populated when the RMM integration is set up.

  1. Choose an Asset Class and map the Service Desk Custom Fields for that Asset Class to an MSP Manager Property.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Import Queues, select the Service Desk Queues to import, and click Import Queues.
  4. Click Import Tickets, select the Service Desk customers you want to import tickets for and click Import Tickets.

Your MSP Manager account is now populated with all the imported data from Service Desk.

You can uninstall Service Desk and install MSP Manager as an integrated account at any time.

In order to start creating tickets in MSP Manager, you need to assign Service Items to your customers. You can assign Service Items on a per customer basis, or use Program Levels to apply multiple Service Plans to all your customers.