Add Canned Responses to tickets

Technicians can spend hours replying to customers from within their tickets, often times writing out the same response for different customers with the same issue. Save time by adding Canned Responses to your tickets so you can quickly and easily respond to common customer issues.

Canned Responses are separated into Shared and Personal categories. Shared Canned Responses can be viewed and used in tickets by any technician with the appropriate permissions, and Personal Canned Responses are unique to each MSP Manager user.

Before getting started, make sure technicians who communicate with customers have the appropriate permissions configured.

Configure permissions for Canned Responses

Make sure all technicians who need to configure ticket mailboxes have the necessary permissions to do so.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Roles.
  2. Click next to the Role you would like to edit.
  3. Select the MSP Company Management section to expand and view it's options.
  4. Select the Configure Shared Canned Responses option to add it to the role.
  5. Click Save Role.

Create Shared Canned Responses

Each Canned Response that you create must be assigned to a Canned Group. Follow these steps to create a Canned Group and start adding Canned Responses to it.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Canned Responses.
  2. Select Add Group.
  3. Enter the Group name and click Save.
  4. Select Add Response.
  5. Choose a Group and enter a Name for the Canned Response.
  6. In the Response section, enter the text for the Canned Response that your customers will see.
  7. Use the links at the top of the Response Editor to add rich text and numbered lists, or insert hyperlinks, images or tables into the response.
  8. Use images and hyperlinks in your responses to create customized signatures for technicians that include your company logo.

  9. Click Save to add the response to the group and make it available to use in ticket responses.

Add Canned Responses to a ticket

  1. Navigate to a ticket from the Ticket List in a Workspace page or a customer's ticketing section.
  2. Scroll down in the ticket editor and select Add Response.
  3. Click Canned Responses in the top right of the Response Editor to open and view a list of responses organized by Group. Start typing to search for a specific response.
  4. Select the Response in the list and click next to the response to open and edit before adding it to the ticket or click Insert to add it to the ticket.
  5. Double-click a response in the list to quickly add it to the ticket or use the Add new button to create new responses.