MSP Manager

Table of Contents

Get started with MSP Manager
Create roles and permissions for your technicians
Create Customer Access Groups
Track user stats and billable hours from the Company Dashboard
Track work with helpdesk tickets
Use timers to track time spent on tickets for accurate billing
Create a ticket and start a timer from the Quick Ticket menu
Start and pause a timer from inside a ticket
Start and pause timers from the ticket list
Add customers, locations and contacts from inside a ticket
Create multiple ticket mailboxes
Organize your tickets with ticket queues
Merge tickets and ticket requests
Schedule recurring tickets and appointments
Email customers from inside a ticket
Create Ticket Tasks and Task Templates
Create custom ticket statuses
Use the Customer Portal to give ticket access to your customers
Automate your helpdesk with Workflows and routing rules
Learn about Workflow Conditions & Actions
Common ways to use Workflows
Configure ticket routing
Automatically assign inbound tickets
Define rules for ticket routing
Create issue types, define user skills and group users into teams
How are users scored during ticket routing?
Service items and billing
Create a Program Level and apply it to multiple customers
Create Service Plans and apply them to multiple customers
Charge for your work with service items
Create Service Items for one-time projects
How to bill Flat Fee Service Items
Create Retainer Service Items for your customers
Define your prices with rates
Bill for partially completed tickets
Run a billing batch
Deactivate service items
Recover deleted service items
Accounting software integrations
QuickBooks Desktop
Integrate MSP Manager with QuickBooks Desktop and export invoices
Diagnose and repair the QuickBooks web connector error
Remove the web connector file from QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Online
Integrate MSP Manager with QuickBooks Online and export invoices
Configure your tax rates in QuickBooks Online
Xero Accounting
Export your invoices as a CSV file
Integrate MSP Manager with N-central
Configure the N-central Integration
Export assets from N-central
Integrate your MSP RMM account with MSP Manager
Configure your notification settings for system and user actions
Customize HTML or plain text notifications to send to your customers and technicians
Create asset classes and statuses
Create custom asset class fields
Add tags to your assets
Share knowledge with your team
Create custom knowledge items
Import existing passwords into custom knowledge templates
Run reports to track business metrics
Schedule your workday with appointments
Create and assign service level agreements
MSP Manager FAQ
Bill for a recurring service
Browsers supported by MSP Manager
Diagnose billing errors
Billing scenarios
Hourly retainer with overage
Hourly support
Managed desktops or servers
Monthly fee with additional hourly rate
Off-site backup
One-time fee
Project estimate with hourly rates
Change the currency, date format, and time zone
Create a contract that does not expire
Override default mappings to accounting software
Reveal any password with the owner secret
Set customers as inactive
Set individual services as taxable or not
Share internal knowledge with your company
Store resolutions to common customer issues
Ticket routing with multiple locations
Troubleshoot your ticket mailbox
Turn inbound email into tickets