SolarWinds Backup Help

Autotask integration with Cloud Management Console

Autotask Integration gives resellers an opportunity to get statistics of their devices in a specified format automatically.

Pre-setup steps

Before enabling the integration, make sure the Billing Code is set to Managed Services.

  1. In AutoTask, select Admin Product & Services > Services > Billing Code.
  2. On the Billing Code screen, change the value to Managed Services.

If there is no Billing Code, you will need to create it first.

Enabling the integration

  1. In the Cloud Management Console, click Partner information view on the toolbar.
  2. Open the Autotask Integration tab.
  3. Enter your access credentials for the Autotask server. Click Connect.

If the Integration Enabled checkbox is selected, you will see the list of end-customers for the current reseller (with the reseller in the first row).

Each customer's name can be coupled with an Autotask name (by default no value is selected).

If the Automatically Create Autotask Entries for New Partners checkbox is selected, then Autotask will be creating new entries for all end-customers (and the reseller) from the table, even for those with an empty Autotask Name field (in that case Autotask names will coincide with the names from the Cloud Management Console).

To upload the settings to the Autotask server, click the Integrate (or Modify Integration) button.