SolarWinds Backup Help

Troubleshooting system state backups

Here are the most typical reasons why a System state backup session can be interrupted.

  1. One of the required services gets stopped or restarted: Backup Service Controller, Cryptographic Services or Volume Shadow Copy. Please start the Services Console and make sure they are running and set to the Automatic startup type.
  2. One of the writers responsible for the required services is absent or unstable (for example, the System Writer responsible for the Cryptographic Services). You can check it using the vssadmin list writers command.
  3. A snapshot becomes unavailable. This can happen if the computer reboots. Sometimes snapshots are deleted by the system (VolSnap). If this is the case, please reconfigure the system.

In most cases the uncompleted session is restarted automatically. However, if an error persists, it may be necessary to investigate possible issues related to the Microsoft services and snapshots.