SolarWinds Backup Help

Oracle backup settings

Oracle server access

Enter access details for the Oracle server. You require an administrator account (SYSDBA). The Server field is the TNS alias.

Backup folder access

  • If Backup Manager is located on the same machine with your Oracle server, the backup folder is available on a local drive. Format for Linux servers: /export/home/app/oracle/backup. Format for Windows servers: D:\Export\Home\App\Oracle\Backup.
  • If Backup Manager is installed on another machine, specify the path to the network drive that was mounted in step 3 of the pre-backup settings.

Retention control settings

You can specify how often the backup folder must be cleaned up.

  • Retention in backups count – the number of backup sessions that should be completed before the files are deleted.
  • Retention in days – the number of days that should pass before the files are deleted.