SolarWinds Backup Help

Required settings for configuration file

By default, the Backup Manager configuration file (config.ini) contains 3 sections. Each of the sections has a set of parameters required by the Backup Manager. If you remove any of these parameters, they will be automatically reset to the default values when the internal process associated with the Backup Manager is restarted. If some critical installation details happen to be missing, you will be offered to repeat the installation.

[General] InstallationId=372da5d2fa048be724831 User=5D609D865BEDD460D8C0F9606AD691 Password=1F8E90E89BC4745FB836A5B1FC184 ManagementBasedConfiguration=1 EncryptionKey=459D478B3EF6B0FB891BB4 [HttpServer] HttpServerPort=5000 [Versioning] AccountHomeFolderVersion=1 BackupAcceleratorVersion=1 LocalSpeedVaultVersion=1 LocalSpeedVaultVersionValidityMarkerVersion=1 TableFieldRangeCheckerVersion=1 PostAllClientSettingsToServiceVersion=1

When you edit the file, make sure the parameters stay in the original sections. The table below lists frequently used parameters.

Home section Parameter Definition Supported values
[General] InstallationId A unique identifier automatically assigned to the current Backup Manager installation. Text*
[General] User The device name that was used during the installation (issued through the Console). Text*
[General] Password The password that was used during the installation (issued through the Console). Text*
[General] EncryptionKey The security code/encryption key set during the Backup Manager installation. It is not possible to re-install the and recover data without this key.

TextFor security purposes, the displayed values are encrypted. If you enter another value, it will also be encrypted after the Backup FP is restarted.

Supported length – from 6 to 50 symbols.

[HttpServer] HttpServerPort The number of the port through which the Backup Manager connects to the network. Number – usually 5000. If port 5000 is unavailable, the Backup Manager tries 5001, 5002 and up.