SolarWinds Backup Help

Features supported by Backup Documents

The Backup Documents is the simplified version of the Backup Manager. See the tables below for the list of features supported by these versions.


Feature Backup Documents Backup Manager
Compatibility with different operating systems No (Windows client versions only) Yes (Windows client and server versions, macOS and GNU/Linux)
Installation wizard No Yes
Automatic deployment Yes (initiated by double click or through command-line) Yes (initiated through command line)
Unlimited number of installations Yes Yes

Backup-related features

Feature Backup Documents Backup Manager
One-time backups (initiated manually) No Yes
Scheduled backups Yes (twice a day) Yes (user-defined)
Backup profiles No Yes
Flexible backup selectionManual file selection, exclusion filters, priority files No Yes
Unlimited number of files to back up Yes Yes
Unlimited file size for backup Yes Yes
Support of all file extensions No (only text files, PDFs, etc. - full list) Yes
Automatic file selectionAdding certain types of files to the backup selection automatically (documents, images and videos) No Yes
Seed loading backups No Yes
Pre- and post-backup scriptsFor example, shut down the system after backup No Yes
LocalSpeedVaultA backup copy on a local drive or a network share for faster backups and restores No Yes
ArchivingArchived backup sessions are never deleted from the Cloud No Yes
Detailed reportsDisplayed on the "Overview" tab on the statuses of backup sessions Yes Yes
Backup of open filesEspecially files belonging to MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS Hyper-V and MS SharePoint No Yes
Backup of encrypted files No Yes
Backup of archived filesAll common types of archives are supported No Yes
Backup of data located on local disks Yes Yes
Backup of data located on removable storage drives No Yes (if mounted as fixed drives)
Backup AcceleratorSpeedy subsequent backups of large files No Yes

Recovery-related features

Feature Backup Documents Backup Manager
One-time restores (initiated manually) Yes Yes
Continuous restores (synchronous with backups) No Yes
Flexible data selection Yes Yes
Choice of target locationThe ability to recover data to the original location or a new one Yes Yes
Detailed reportsDisplayed on the "Overview" tab on the statuses of restore sessions Yes Yes
Bare metal recoveryRecovering a failed system directly to bare hardware without a prior OS installation No Yes
Virtual disaster recoveryRecovering a failed system to a virtual machine No Yes
Restore-only mode Yes Yes

General features

Feature Backup Documents Backup Manager
Multi-lingual support No (English version only) Yes (7 interface languages)
Command line interface No Yes
Graphic user interface Yes Yes
Custom branding Yes Yes
Multiple data sources for backup and recovery No (Files and Folders only) Yes (System State, Hyper-V, MS Exchange, etc.)
Remote commands No Yes
Proxy connection No Yes
Email reports No Yes
New version updates Yes Yes
Bandwidth usage control No Yes
Advanced data processing technologiesDeep deduplication, delta slicing, directory hashing, compression, secure encryption, etc. Yes Yes

Upgrading options

For more options and flexibility, you can upgrade any Backup Documents device to the standard version.

In the Console, open the device properties, go to the Modification tab and then change the product selection.

A standard Backup Manager device cannot be downgraded to the Backup Documents.